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We have delivered

Passionately leading change for better.

With a strong emphasis on sustainability and climate change, Adelaide has positioned itself as a front-running environmental city.

My council is the first South Australian council to have all operations powered entirely by renewable sources.

Using 100% sustainably-sourced electricity, we have reduced emissions by 50% (equating to 11,000 tonnes) saving millions of dollars and creating new jobs. As of 2020, we were proudly certified as a Carbon Neutral organisation.

In addition, our pledge to be a consciously driven Green City saw the following changes enacted.

The introduction of an electric vehicle plan that achieved 23% of fleet changed over to Hybrid (12 vehicles) and fully electric (34 vehicles).
Installation of solar power panels across eight council buildings, generating 1.185 MW – enough to power 300 homes per year.
1500 LED street lights installed, saving enough electricity to power 100 homes per year.
A city-wide waste audit to inform an ambitious resource recovery plan.
The new plantation of more than 1,000 trees and 300,000 plants.